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Asamushi Aquarium

Asamushi Aquariam is located in the area of Asamushi Hot Springs, known as the northernmost aquarium in Honshu island . This aquarium exhibits 514kinds, 11,000 of world’s rare marine life and various local fish and shellfish. As the area is the hot spring resort and surrounded by the sea and the mountains, the aquarium tends to be crowded as one of the major tourist spots in Aomori for all ages. I’m introducing Asamushi Aquarium in this post.

This is the building of Asamushi Aquarium. The mountains form a nice background and Mutsu Bay is located in front of the building where you can feel the clean air.

“Clione”, living in the cold sea are so tiny which are only 2cm in size. The appearance look adorable, but Clione stretche out 6 tentacles from the top of its head to catch the prey.

The way these jellyfish swim are very adorable.

Scallops are known as the specialty seafood of Aomori. This is showing how the scallops are cultivated under the sea.

Various kinds of fish and sea life can be viewed especially through the exhibit tunnel. Watching the huge rays is overwhelming.

The tank is the simulated under water of tropical forests nomally you don’t really see.

This one is the simulated under water of the river running near the rice fields. It’s very educational.

The dolphin show is the most popular attraction in this aquarium. Dolphin performances are held 4 times on weekdays and 5 times (sometimes 6 times) on Saturdays and Sundays. You can’t miss their great jumps and lovable movement.

In this 2-story building, you can find amphibians, warm and cold water species, sea otters, sea lions, seals, rare freshwater species, exhibit tunnel and gift shop on the 1st floor. Simulated tropical rainforest zone, touch tanks, performance pool and dolphin play zone. Please be sure to visit this aquarium in Aomori.

Asamushi Aquarium
Website: (Japanese Version Only)
Admission Fee: Adult and High School Student / 1000yen
Junior High & Elementary School Student / 500yen
Group discount available