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In Aomori, where rich nature and culture fuse as one, there are many appealing sightseeing spots.
Come and see the unique and enchanting sites in Aomori.
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Hotokegaura, the Scenic Spot in Sai-Village

It’s getting hotter day by day! Summer usually comes slowly to Aomori, but finally people out there started to wear short sleeves. When it comes to summer, you have to go to the sea! Today let me introduce Hotokegaura , the scenic spot on the west coast of the Shimokita Peninsula.

I recommend going to Hotokegaura by boat. I got aboard “Sai-light”, the cruise ship operating three times a day from Sai Port.

Sai-light was going fast with making splash.

There were seats right behind the cockpit. I could enjoy a refreshing sea wind on the back of the captain, feeling like as if I was operating the boat.

Hotokegaura came into view in about 30 minutes after departure. Passengers suddenly stood up and started to take pictures.

The series of massive rock formations about 2 kilomters long – those unusually shaped pillars are named after buddism. Hotokegaura (literally the seashore of Buddha) is naturally carved from the cliff from Sai-village, which is the fascinating artwork of mother nature.

After getting off the boat, you would walk along the clear, emerald green sea I could find many sea urchins attach to the rock through the water.

“Gohyaku-Rakan” – 500 of buddest monks with worn-out robes are absorbed in meditation.

“Renge Iwa” - literally lotus flower rock...yes it can look like the lotus.

“Hourai Mountain” – sharply carved cliff is amazing.

Finally the guide pointed at the rock which was called “penguin rock”...well I don’t really think it shoud be named from buddism, but is very cute.
When you see those rocks using your imagination, they could look like various kinds of things.
You will never be board staring at the rocks and finding which ones look what with your friends or family.
Why don’t you think about visiting this popular sightseeing spot in Aomori this summer ?