Here are some of the recommended model course to thoroughly enjoy Aomori
In Aomori, where rich nature and culture fuse as one, there are many appealing sightseeing spots.
Come and see the unique and enchanting sites in Aomori.
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Anmon-no-Taki Waterfall

This waterfall has three steps: from the top, "Ichi-no-Taki (first fall)" 42 meters, "Ni-no-Taki (second fall)" 37 meters, and "San-no-Taki (third fall)" 26 meters, all of which are impressive falls.
The area is surrounded by a steep wall of rocks with beech and pine trees. The Anmon-no-Taki path is a 2-hour walking path that takes visitors from the parking lot to all three waterfalls.

Basic Information

Transportation :  Take the Taiaki-Kawaratai Line Konan Bus (via Tashiro) from JR Hirosaki Station and get off at Nishimeya-mura Yakuba (Approx. 60 min. ride). Take a taxi from the Nishimeya Village Office (approx. 30 min. ride). There is a shuttle bus service available during the summer season.