Here are some of the recommended model course to thoroughly enjoy Aomori
In Aomori, where rich nature and culture fuse as one, there are many appealing sightseeing spots.
Come and see the unique and enchanting sites in Aomori.
Charms of Aomori Enjoying Winter Enjoying Spring Message from the Blue Forest
In the Aomori winter, everything is covered with snow and the prefecture becomes a vast snowscape as far as the eye can see.
Though cold, winter is a season of beauty and of fun, just waiting for you.

To appreciate the beauty of winter here, you are recommended to take a look at the ‘soft rimes’ on Mt. Hakkoda. Soft rimes are snow monsters that can be seen only in Japan's Aomori and Yamagata Prefectures. Seeing these amazing soft rimes, which have formed from trees that have endured wind and snow, you can sense nature's marvelous grandeur.
Another attraction in this season is the winter festivals held at various locations across the prefecture. The Towadako Fuyumonogatari (Winter's Tale), the Yuki-doro Festival (Snow Lantern Festival) in Hirosaki Castle and the Hachinohe Enburi are especially well-known and bring many visitors every year. The Mt. Koarashi and Kuroishi Spa Village Snow Festival has recently received particular attention. Snowmen of varying size, including Japan's tallest snowman, are constructed at the venue.

And winter in Aomori is perfect too for you to actively enjoy nature: winter sports,
such as skiing, snowboarding, and snow trekking routes that wind around Shirakami Sanchi are very popular, and are essential aspects of sight-seeing during winter in Aomori.

Mt. Koarashi and Kuroishi Spa Village Snow Festival

The Towadako Fuyumonogatari (Winter's Tale),


Hakkoda Mountain
The Hakkoda volcanic cluster within the Nasu Volcanic cluster is called the Hakkoda Mountain Range. The Hakkoda Mountain Range spreads out beautifully in all four directions. The range is home to many rivers, and at the upper streams there are beautiful gorges and waterfalls. A number of fumaroles, such as Jigokunuma, and hot springs still remain as vestiges of the volcano.


Lake TowadaWinter Story ( Around Lake Towada in Towada-City)
The festival area, lakeside of Lake Towada is lit up and you can enjoy traditional performing arts including Nebuta festival and Tsugaru-shamisen. Hot traditional foods are offered in the big tent.
The festival features fireworks every night as a climax of the festival.


Yuki-doro Festival (Snow Lantern Festival)
Hirosaki Castle, a famous scenic spot for cherry blossoms, is a spectacular sight in winter. Founded in 1977, the Hirosaki Yuki-doro Festival is one of the 5 great snow festivals in the Michinoku area. Residents make the lanterns for the Yuki-doro Festival during the long, cold winters of the northland to make it even more enjoyable. ...


Hachinohe Enburi
The Hachinohe Enburi festival welcomes the coming of spring and prays for an abundant harvest from February 17 to 20 (Oniwa Enburi held until 22nd) in the city center of Hachinohe...


Mt. Koarashi and Kuroishi Spa Village Snow Festival
The snow country's fun-packed events! Visit our fun-packed world.
Kuroishi Spa village, with a history stretching back more than 400 years, is dotted around with hot-springs and has thrived as a therapeutic bathing location through the ages. ..


Hakkoda Ski Resort
· Take the JR Bus bound for Sukayu Onsen from JR Aomori Station Bus Stop No. 8 and get off at Hakkoda Ropeway Ekimae (Approx. 60 min. ride).


Naqua Shirakami Ski Resort
Ski slopes on the northern side are blessed with abundant high-quality powder snow. After riding to the top in a gondola, choose from a number of slopes that run to the foot of the mountain. A long 3.4 km course is easy enough for beginners to enjoy.


Winter Mini-Shirakami Trekking
A chance to find winter beech buds, hares, and Japanese serows. Delightful silvery-white Shirakami! (Price: 2,500 yen)


Snow Country Snow Drift Tour
This is a unique tour around snow country during which visitors come up close and personal with snow drifts in the severe winter of Tsugaru, Aomori. See the Tsugaru "Jifubuki" for yourself as the snow on the ground is lifted into the air by strong gusts.


Tsugaru Railway / Stove Train
Two-carriage train with nostalgic interior design. There are 2 coal-fueled daruma, or potbelly stoves, in each carriage. People gather around the warm stoves for a pleasant chat in Tsugaru dialect and other regional and prefectural dialects.
In contrast to the chill of the outside air, the inside of the train is very warm. Please hop aboard and experience this experience for yourself.